Lead to Sales Fault Finding Method

Unblock Your Sales in 30 Days or Less

Lead Generation is the oxygen for your business to survive and thrive! But, there are 3 BIG challenges businesses are facing ...

Low quality leads

Getting better quality leads is ONE of the biggest challenges businesses face. With SO many online platforms, strategies, budgets, campaigns and competition, NO wonder a lot of companies struggle with low quality leads.

Getting less leads

Not only has lead quality dropped, but the number of people interested in what you offer has also decreased. The only strategy flaunted is you need to spend more ... and more ... and more ... and more ... and more ... for less ... and less ... and less leads.

The rising costs of getting leads

More leads? Spend more. And more. New competitors are entering the market. New products and services. Not to mention people are able to buy overseas at a click of a button. All of this increases the cost of getting leads.

Dear business warrior,

It takes guts to run a business. Some days its extremely hard. Not only does your life depend on it, but many times your family and people who work for you depend on your success. If you fail, they suffer.

The #1 stressor for many in business is the lack of sales. And the lack of sales stems from poor lead generation. My goal is helping you get the most from your lead generation efforts.

If you are frustrated with the results you are currently getting, needing to pay more and more for less results, then THIS training is for you.

Johan Mouton

There are 3 core areas for lead generation to be effective.

#1 Understand the fundamentals

There are hundreds of shining objects luring your attention. The fact is, fundamentals come first. These have been proven over time. Because of this fact, we cover 7 key fundamentals first.

#2 Fix the right thing

Have you ever fixed something, and ONLY once you are done did you realize HOW you SHOULD have done it? Extremely frustrating, right? In business you want to fix the right thing. This 8 step model helps you focus on the fixing the right thing first.

#3 Understand what the statistics are actually telling you

We see the stats, we hear the stats and then go about our business. What if you knew what those stats REALLY meant and how you could make it count in your favour? This section aims to do exactly that.


  • The 7 Key Foundations for better results on ALL of your lead generation
  • Lead to Sales Fault Finding Method, using 8 steps find the real thing blocking sales
  • 42 Key Sales, Marketing and Business Statistics (PLUS solutions)


Not only do you get access to the course, you also get these 3 amazing bonusses:

  • Business growth template to help you measure and execute growth strategies
  • Get clear on your digital marketing strategy using my online marketing framework which I have used to consult with clients and grow their business
  • The 18 GAP Marketing Turnover Boost Model including ALL 18 exercises to close gaps in your current marketing and sales


Judys' internal sales team doubled sales in ONE quarter.

Client is having records sales months from improved marketing campaigns.

Timothy grew his database from 3000 people to over 9000 people in 12 months by adding ONE thing to his website.

Bernice found ONE thing that was missing in their lead to sales process and it instantly improved sales!

Kirsten discovered R2,5 million of potential deals and closed R159 000 in the first week!

Client in property industry did R387 million in sales last year using the exact methodology taught here, which we help setup 5 years ago.



This course is priced to be affordable to ANY serious business owner. It is not long winded. It is to the point. The goal, to help you discover something that changes everything for you in your business.

I know, how can one thing change everything? For some businesses it is just one extra step, or one thing done differently that makes ALL the difference.

The difference could be 1 or 10 or 100 or 1000 extra sales. Most business owners as so overwhelmed that they can't see beyond the trees, or even something right in front of them. This course aims to help you get some clarity again.

Step away from the business and just look for that something that changes everything. You will NEVER know when that something just appear before your very own eyes.


If you are in business and you see a GREAT deal, you should take it. I want to see if you are one of those successful business owners who can spot a great deal (like this one) and act on it. Our biggest competitor is procrastination. For this reason I want to make you an offer so GOOD that you will be crazy NOT to take it. I have added a ton of value for the simple reason I want you to be more successful. One thing could change everything and that is my hope for you. That you discover ONE thing that changes everything for you

Your Instructor


The late Jim Rohn said it best: "Skill makes labor valuable". When you develop your skills your work becomes more valuable.For more than 20 years I have been actively involved in training. Helping thousands of people to develop their skills.

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